Summer of Science

Come and experience the Summer of Science at Camel Creek Adventure Park – This event has now ended


22nd July – 3rd September!


If you’re looking for a catalyst for scintillating summer fun, then come down to Camel Creek Adventure Park for our sensational Summer of Science!


Our extraordinary Summer of Science is packed with fascinating facts, exciting experiments, silly scientists and more atmosphere than anywhere else in the Hemisphere!


Discover where we’ve come from, what we’re made of and some of the most mind-blowing Scientific facts in the multiverse. Did you know that a huge Stegosaurus had a tiny brain the size of a walnut, a diamond is just a lump of coal that did well under pressure and that if you stretched out all the DNA in your body it would stretch from the Sun to Pluto and back – 17 times!? That’s an unfathomable 62 billion miles!


With a colourful spectrum of exhilarating rides, a gigantic indoor play centre, outdoor fun, water flumes and the UK’s most hi-tech 5D Super Sim Theatre – NEW FILM ‘TIME OUT’ is out now! Click HERE to find out more.

Camel Creek is the perfect place to be, come rain or shine and is sure to evaporate boredom at the speed of light!


A day at Camel Creek will always guarantee a positive reaction, so come to Camel Creek’s Summer of Science and by the time you leave you’ll be sure to know Uranium from Uranus!

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Summer of Science at Camel Creek Adventure Park

Camel Creek Adventure Park Cornwall