New 5D Film – OUT NOW!

New 5D Film 'Time Out' at Camel Creek Adventure Park

Experience our NEW Award Winning 5D film – ‘Time Out’ Now showing!

We are delighted to announce the launch of our spellbinding and award

winning film for the 2017 summer season to coincide with our Summer of Science

in our sensational 5D Super Sim Theatre NOW!


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Time out is a magical multi-sensory 5D journey by an accident prone clockmaker

as he travels through time inside one of his spectacular clocks. But is all what it seems…?

Only time will tell!

Find out more about our 5D Super Sim Theatre and be prepared to travel back in time!

Experience the NEW 3D Movie and 5D Ride 'Time Out' at Camel Creek Adventure Park. Join us for a Summer of Science from 22nd July - 3rd September