The ride access pass is intended to provide a reduced waiting time compared to the standard queue line although this cannot always be guaranteed.

Each pass allows up to two people to benefit from this special access if they are visiting the park with the disabled guest. This of course does not limit the guests from enjoying any of the other attractions, shows, animals and other activities on the park as many times as they choose.

Accepted Forms of Evidence

The issuance of a ride access pass is based upon documentary proof of disability

Examples of documentation required are:

Ride Access Pass

Ride Access Passes may be used by eligible guests to access to the following 5 rides via the ride exit during their day

Please note that all children must be supervised by a responsible adult over the age of 18 at all times.

Who is Eligible?

Ride access passes are available for guests who are registered as disabled, and therefore may have difficulty queuing.

All rides  have wheelchair friendly access, wheelchair users do have to be able to get out of their chair with or without the aid of their carers to get onto the rides, our ride operators cannot assist wheelchair users out of their chair.

Ride operators MUST sign the Ride Access Card on the appropriate ride space upon allowing disabled guests fast entry on their ride.

All guests accompanying the disabled guest/s must also have wrist bands in order to ride.

Ride operators WILL NOT allow fast entry once the corresponding space has been stamped or punched.


All staff are trained and enabled to recognise the individual needs of our guests. All our guests are treated as individuals and we are never too busy to take care of them! Here are just a few ways that we hope to make a visit to Camel Creek even more enjoyable for our guests with special requirements:

Our concession rate is:

1 carer per guest is permitted free when providing valid ID at the admission gate such as a blue badge

Please note: Our concession rate cannot be purchased online and must be purchased on the day at the gate.